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A letter from Natasha Knox

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Origin: Latin, literally ‘peace’.

I know how stressful finances can be. I know…because I’ve been there.

For thirteen years, I was a financial advisor a big financial services company. I had an extensive financial education, and I helped many families grow their assets and their net worth. And yet, for many of those years, I struggled to get my own finances in order. When it came to applying my financial knowledge to my own life, I failed. Miserably . No matter how much we earned, our lifestyle was always a step ahead of our earnings, and whatever I put away in savings, was outpaced by our spending. My marriage was under constant strain. The shame of my personal reality, especially considering my career, was steadily eroding my sense of self-worth. So, what did I do? I overcompensated. I put on a façade. I spent more. This only made things worse, of course. Looking back at it now, I still cringe.

The turning point for me was when I learned about financial therapy, and how my emotions were fuelling my financial behaviour, and not (as I had previously thought), my logical brain. For years, I had been trying to use math to fix my issues, when what I really needed was self-awareness, compassion, and a behaviourally based financial planning approach. The best part of unpacking my money attitudes was that I was able to finally stop berating myself for my past mistakes. With my new awareness, came self-forgiveness, and at last, a new path forward.

My clients have told me that because of our work together, they have started sleeping through the night again; they can finally afford to go on vacation; they can afford to work less overtime and spend more time with their family; they look forward to checking their bank balances; they’re finally financially in sync with their spouses; and they can finally follow through on all of their good intentions to make smart choices with their money.

This is the reason that I do, what I do. This is the reason that Pax Planning exists.

Education is very important to me. It’s something that I do with my clients, and it’s something that I relentlessly pursue for myself. My current skill set includes the following: I hold the CFP® designation, and I have a graduate certificate in Financial Therapy from Kansas State university. In addition, I serve on the board of directors of the Financial Therapy Association. I also obtained the cashflow specialist certification, and I have specialized training in sudden wealth and financial transitions. I’m a member of the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners, and an affiliate member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.

Natasha Knox


I am grateful for Natasha’s no-nonsense, kind approach, her flexibility about our complicated situation and her deep commitment to helping us figure out a future path.

Vicki P.

Pax Planning has put us on the path to financial freedom. Although we made a good living, we never seemed to have enough money, and could not understand how others were able to do the things we only dreamed of.


Natasha’s financial therapy and planning showed us it was possible to save money and live the life we wanted without putting our retirement in jeopardy. Since working with Pax Planning, we have gone from over spending to saving substantial amounts of money every month. We are on track to retire on our terms, and still able to travel, entertain, and provide for our family without feeling like we are on a strict budget. Thank you for helping us see the light.

P & S from Vancouver

Natasha was always very professional – following up regularly and really looking at what would be best for us. She operates with integrity, compassion and generosity…

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