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Genuine Help for Cashflow Issues

If you’ve tried budgeting in the past, and it did not work for you, you are not alone. 

Spending is emotional, and that makes what makes cashflow management so hard.

At Pax Planning, we provide real help with managing household finances, by addressing both the emotions and numbers.

What this means is two things:

  • A customized spending plan
  • Regular support and coaching to ensure that the new habits and mindsets are taking hold.  For the first few weeks, we will be in touch weekly, until you get into the swing of things.

Isn’t “spending plan” just a fancy name for a budget?

We consider budgets and spending plans to be two different things.  We define budgets as financial boundaries for expenses have have a clear beginning and an end such as vacations, car purchases, or renovations.  Both budgets and spending plans have important roles to play in your larger overall financial plan, but they are not the same thing.

A spending plan is a plan is used for day-to-day spending.   It is a plan that accounts for human behaviour, and helps you zero in on what matters most to you. Spending plans help bring intention back into your spending.

The key features of a spending plan:

  • It’s flexible.
  • It’s easy to stick to and requires little-to-no maintenance once implemented.
  • It’s all about what matters most to you; the plan is built around the important components of your life.

Spending plans are for people who:

  • Have tried budgets and couldn’t stick with them
  • Resent the restrictiveness of budgets
  • Can’t figure out where the money to save for the future, or to reach their goals will come from
  • Spend almost every dollar they earn, and often more than they earn
  • Feel torn between enjoying their current lifestyle and saving for the future (hint: With a spending plan, you’ll be able to do both!).

Have you mastered your cash flow, or do your spending habits need a tune up?  Take the survey to find out:

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