How we work towards helping you.


Our Step-by-Step Process:

– 1 –

Initial contact

Initial phone call or email

Tell us a bit about yourself, and what you hope to achieve through the planning process.   You can schedule your initial complimentary phone consult here: 15 minute phone call or reach out to us via email:

Complimentary initial meeting

This meeting is approximately one hour and does not require any paperwork on your part. During this meeting you share your goals, and situation and in more depth, and we mutually determine fit. Comfort and trust are of utmost importance in financial planning.

– 2 –

Engagement and initial plan

Engagement letter

We will provide you with an engagement letter that outlines what the project will encompass, the fees for your project, the expected timeline of the engagement, and documentation that we will need, to provide accurate advice. The first deposit of the planning fee is due upon engagement.

Second meeting

We get into the nitty gritty of the financial planning with another meeting. We will start by getting organized. You likely have numerous statements of various accounts for RRSPs, RESPs, pensions, benefits, loans, mortgages, insurance, etc. Some of the information may even be missing, or you may not entirely remember the purpose of a particular account. Don’t worry. This is very common, and we will work through it, help you get sorted, and gather the information we need to get cracking on your plan in the process. This meeting is also when we will clarify and unearth your values and deeply held goals and aspirations.

Initial draft of the plan

We prepare an initial draft of the plan and present it to you for confirmation of the information it contains, and clarification if necessary.

Revision and finalization

We revise and finalize the plan. The balance of the fee is due at this time.

– 3 –

Implementation and monitoring:
The exciting work begins!

This is the most important part of the planning process — without it, the plan is just a meaningless pile of paper. You will be implementing the plan and developing new habits and behaviours. This can take anywhere from three or four months to one year. In addition to free access to coaching via email and telephone for one year, we will also meet again at one month and six months.

– 4 –

Reviewing and updating

A regular overview of your personal finances is vital to your financial wellbeing. Life is not linear, and the road is not straight. A financial plan is a dynamic road map that needs to be tweaked and adjusted as your life changes.



Pax Planning will evaluate risk, and make insurance recommendations, but we do not sell insurance.

Pax Planning will evaluate your investments and provide analysis on asset allocation relative to your investment goals and risk tolerance, but we do not sell or manage investments, and therefore we do not make specific recommendations with respect to individual investments or securities.

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