Pax Couples


You both agree on where you want to go. But do you know the best path to get there?

What this plan will do for you:

  • Reveal the causes of financial friction between each other
    which may be impacting your relationship
  • Shared vision analysis – see how each person’s financial vision differs and create a path to align those two visions together
  • Create an effective spending plan that will allow both of you to enjoy your individual passions while realizing your goals
  • Provide support and guidance along the way – it’s not always easy to shed old habits, even when you live with someone else
  • Regular checkups to keep both of you aligned, and to help you celebrate your shared accomplishments.

Who this plan is for:

Sure, love conquers all – but do you hate talking about money around the dinner table? If it seems like every time the subject of money comes up it results in tension between you and your significant other, you’re not alone.

Pax Couples is the plan for people who want to create peace and harmony in their
shared finances and enhance the way their family functions around money. Get back on the same page – get a Pax Couples Plan today.

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