How would it be if...

You could both be open, comfortable and aligned around money?

Money and Relationships2018-11-24T18:36:54+00:00

Money is often a source of conflict in relationships,

but it doesn’t have to be.


At Pax Planning, we help you get on the same page, and work as a team.  

This is achieved by:

  • Bringing awareness to some of your individual money scripts.
  • Developing and strengthening your goal setting muscles, reverse engineering your shared ideal life, and finally, putting together a spending plan to achieve it.
  • Support, support, and more support. Your money histories did not happen over-night, and they will not change over-night. That’s why we are in touch regularly, to keep you on course, and to help you build on your successes.


Pax Planning will evaluate risk, and make insurance recommendations, but we do not sell insurance.

Pax Planning will evaluate your investments and provide analysis on asset allocation relative to your investment goals and risk tolerance, but we do not sell or manage investments, and therefore we do not make specific recommendations with respect to individual investments or securities.

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