Our fees.

How much does this cost?


Your exact fee will depend on the complexity of your unique situation.  

All prices include a customized, comprehensive financial plan, and one full year of coaching and support for implementation.

Please contact us for your free initial consultation, to get a custom quote.   The examples below will give you an idea of our range of fees.


Scenario 1

Couple in their mid 30s with a family income of $230,000.

Modest savings, no pension.

Main concerns:

  • How will we be able to buy a home?
  • How will having a child impact our finances?
  • Could we afford it if one of us decided to stay home with the baby?

Total Cost: $2,450 + GST

Scenario 2

Couple, aged 48, with two adolescent children. Family income of $220,000, with a large mortgage and limited savings. Plan to retire at 65.

Main concerns:

  • How do we stop going into the red every month, and still live a life that we enjoy?
  • Can we take more family vacations while the children are still living at home?
  • How can we break the cycle of refinancing our home because of consumer debt?
  • What do we need to do, to make retirement a reality?

Total Cost: $3,550 + GST

Scenario 3

Blended family with multiple real estate holdings, and the two heads of household bringing different levels of assets into the new relationship.

Main concerns:

  • Where do we start with developing our financial vision and goals?  We say we want the same things, but then we seem to go in different directions.
  • Will we ever be comfortable in discussing finances openly with each other?
  • How can we create a financial plan that protects the interests of all of our children from previous relationships, as well as each other?

Total Cost: $4,995 + GST



Pax Planning will evaluate risk, and make insurance recommendations, but we do not sell insurance.

Pax Planning will evaluate your investments and provide analysis on asset allocation relative to your investment goals and risk tolerance, but we do not sell or manage investments, and therefore we do not make specific recommendations with respect to individual investments or securities.

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