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You could get comprehensive, unbiased advice from someone who's not selling insurance or investments?

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How We Work:

The way we work goes by a few names: fee only, fee for service, advice only, and financial planner for hire.   What it means is: Pax Planning provides financial planning as a standalone service.

We do not accept any fees or compensation based on product sales.  Instead, we charge a flat fee based on the complexity of your situation for the first year of service, and hourly thereafter.

Since our advice is not co-mingled with any product or service, that advice has fewer inherent conflicts of interest, and tends to be more comprehensive.

At Pax Planning, we further limit our conflicts of interest by not accepting any referral fees from any third party, based on client business.   The only money we accept is from our clients.  Period.  We do this so that our clients can be confident that our advice is solely in their best interests.

Benefits of using a fee only financial planner:

The main benefit of a fee-for-service financial planner is truly holistic, neutral, customized advice.

We look at your entire picture including: cashflow, debt, risk management, investments, philanthropic goals, taxes, and estate and worth with you to develop the big picture plan.

At Pax Planning, we specialize in three areas:

  • Household cashflow planning, which we combine with financial coaching to help you stay on track;
  • Helping couples get on the same financial page, to ease financial tension in your relationship
  • Delivering unbiased guidance and coaching for clients experiencing a sudden wealth event such as an inheritance, large contract, or a settlement

We also consult with your accountant, lawyers, etc. to fine-tune and implement the plan and ensure all pieces work together as a seamless whole.

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