Our story: Why Pax Planning came to be.


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For the first thirteen years of my financial services career, I was in a traditional role, as a financial planner who sold mutual funds and life insurance.

Eventually, I came to the realization that:

I loved the financial planning aspect of my career, but I did not love the fact that my advice was mingled with the sale of insurance and investments.  

I believe that what people really need from me, is neutral advice that isn’t tied in any way to the sale of an investment or insurance product.  So that is how I made the decision to leave after all those years, and start out on my own as a fee for service planner.

Pax is Latin for peace.  Bringing peace and clarity to your personal finances is my calling.

Besides being fee-for service, how else is Pax Planning unique?

Pax is different because we help you bridge the gap between knowing what you’re supposed to do, and being able to act on that knowledge.

There are two common misconceptions about financial planning that we address in our planning process.

The first misconception is:

Personal finance is all about numbers.  

This is not true.  Personal finance has as much to do with habits, and unconscious attitudes as it does with numbers.   We bring awareness to those buried beliefs, and implement systems to keep those pesky cognitive biases from derailing your financial plans.

The second misconception is:

Financial education is the end-all, be-all, solution to achieving financial security.

Is financial education important?  Absolutely!  Education is a key part of our process.   However, we don’t stop at education.  It is one part of the financial wellness equation, but not the only part.  The other essential element is support and guidance.   That is where we come in.  We provide support, coaching and accountability.

Our Planning Process

The privilege of witnessing this positive change in people’s lives fuels my passion for my profession.

We facilitate dramatic and lasting change by combing education, with number crunching, financial coaching, support and encouragement.


Pax Planning will evaluate risk, and make insurance recommendations, but we do not sell insurance.

Pax Planning will evaluate your investments and provide analysis on asset allocation relative to your investment goals and risk tolerance, but we do not sell or manage investments, and therefore we do not make specific recommendations with respect to individual investments or securities.

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